Meyado CEO Martin Young Features in International Investment Magazine


Meyado CEO Martin Young features on the front cover of the April edition of International Investment magazine. In an interview with editor Helen Burgraff, Martin discusses the fintech future for Europe's international executives. 


The main feature of Meyado’s, as-yet-unnamed wealth management system will offer Meyado’s clients access to every single one of the 48,000 funds available throughout Europe, and every single one of the 66 platforms available, very quickly and efficiently.

It will do this while charging annual management fees that will be more or less half what the UK’s top provider is currently charging – around 45 basis points to 1% a year. The system has already been up and running for around 12 months, because the company wanted to work out any glitches before going public with it.

You can view the full online article in Investment International by clicking here

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