Meyado, Making the Complex, Simple


In the modern world of constantly evolving technology, many IFA firms have been struggling to keep up with the pace of change. By sticking to tried and tested methods they are not able to provide their clients with optimum investment solutions. At Meyado we are radically different. Our primary aim is to embrace the opportunities that technological advances can offer our clients. We use cutting-edge technology to slice through the complex and possibly daunting task of deciding where to invest your money and offer you simple, tailor-made choices.

We have a range of 48,000 funds to choose from and based on your specific attitudes to risk and personal circumstances, we deliver a bespoke solution in just a matter of hours. Traditionally, IFA’s might select from a choice of only thirty funds, meaning we can expand what is available to you by a factor of 1,600 to 1, with efficiency and speed.

Being independent we only act for our clients, not on behalf of the banks or other financial institutions. We will scan the whole of the UK investment market and seek out the products which will provide you with the performance you are seeking at competitive prices.

Your importance to us as a client is central to what we do. We want to remove the inconvenience of ongoing administration of your portfolio by ensuring your investments are kept in line with the global market outlook. The provision of our on-going service keeps our client’s financial objectives on track and ultimately allows the time and financial freedom to pursue their lives.

Although our technology makes us stand apart, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. With the aid of modern video conferencing our clients can contact us from anywhere, at any time via their smartphone, tablet or computer. It provides peace of mind to know that we are only a click away should you need immediate financial advice. With the lives of international executives becoming increasingly demanding, we get on with looking after your investments. It’s our difference.

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