Meyado Protect announces new collaboration with VitalityLife


After spending the last year evaluating, researching and testing the protection market, Meyado has launched Meyado Protect and has announced a new collaboration with leading life insurer VitalityLife. The insurer is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative providers in the UK, with a unique range of protection products that reward members for living a healthy lifestyle.


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Commenting on the collaboration Robert Magee, CEO of Meyado Protect, said: “We are working with a fantastic provider in VitalityLife, who not only have an award-winning range of protection products at competitive prices, but are continually innovating to enhance and protect the lives of members. Clients with Serious Illness Cover are three times more likely to be able to receive a payout if they make a claim, in comparison to a typical critical illness policy from other providers.”[1]

To ensure clients select the correct cover for their individual needs, Meyado Protect will dedicate an established team of highly trained Protection Specialists, with a wealth of knowledge and experience about life cover, business protection, trusts and much more.

He added: “We also wanted innovative, state of the art products that meet the needs of our clients at affordable prices and the VitalityLife product range delivers that and more. We now offer professional service backed by excellence in product without all the fuss and without paying too much for the right cover.

“High quality, competitively priced products, wrapped up with high quality services delivered by highly trained professionals… What else could you ask for?”

About Meyado Protect

Meyado Protect goes against the trend of buying online, principally because busy executives, business owners, sports professionals and those in the film and entertainment industry have complex needs and appreciate a face-to-face, personalised, discreet service delivered by highly trained professionals who can guide them through the maze of protection arrangements.

Vitality – changing health and life insurance for good

Vitality is the insurance business that helps people understand how they can improve their own personal health. Vitality makes it cheaper and easier for its members to get healthy and gives them rewards to keep them motivated, through a range of discounts and incentives.

Vitality Ambassadors Jessica Ennis-Hill, Maro Itoje, Joe Root, Ellie Simmonds and Jonny Wilkinson are role models who embody the values of Vitality. They are all using their passion for living a healthy lifestyle to motivate others to make positive changes. Taking small steps today can dramatically improve wellbeing over the long-term, regardless of your current state of health.

VitalityLife is one of the fastest growing life insurers in the UK. It is unique to the current UK protection market and its suite of products includes Life Cover, Income Protection Cover, Serious Illness Cover, Business Protection and other additional products. By recognising people’s efforts to look after themselves, VitalityLife is able to offer a more comprehensive set of benefits than traditional insurers at a very competitive price. For more information visit

[1] Hannover Re UK Life Branch February 2017


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