Meyado Private Wealth Appoints Senior Head of Midlands Business


Meyado Private Wealth Management London Ltd has appointed Robert Magee to head up their new Midlands business. Robert, a highly-respected financial services specialist, joins Meyado after having sold his company Robert Magee and Associates to AFH Financial Group in June 2013.

Martin Young the CEO of Meyado Private Wealth Management London said of the appointment, “We’re delighted to have taken on someone with real business experience in the financial advice space within the Midlands. Birmingham, as the second biggest city in the UK, is very important to us and we are very excited about being able to provide expert financial advice for successful executives in this area”

Robert has personally advised clients all over the UK and Europe and has had an international business presence for the majority of his career, and is looking forward to the new challenge, “I was initially attracted to Meyado because I saw how differently they operate, providing literally the whole investment market to their clients. They make the complex simple and I’m looking forward to playing an active part in bringing this offering to the Midlands for busy professionals living in and around Birmingham”. Robert will be recruiting a number of professional advisers to join the midlands team over the coming months.

Meyado Private Wealth have a unique offering in the UK. Through the use of cutting-edge technology they are able to access a vast range of platforms and funds for International and UK retail customers. This manifests in the cost of the services, both for the platforms and the funds, being as much as half of that being offered by larger tied advisers.  It enables Meyado to deliver their clients excellent value for money.

Meyado has been providing investment advice to top executives for over twenty-five years. Its focus is on serving high level executives and is completely independent of all investment houses and platform providers. This truly independent ‘whole-of-market’ approach enables them to provide the highest performing investments with the lowest risk at extremely competitive fees.

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